Don't waste your time looking for a better tuxedo store,It doesn't exist...  


Carrying a 2015 Tuxedo extravaganza of all the top styles of the latest

Slim Fit and Modern Fit Tuxedos of the year


 Luxurious and perfectly tailored  tuxedos like you never seen before!

Our collection will impress even the biggest critics.

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 A higher class tuxedo rental with a look that the upper class demand.



Committed to excellence since 1987  


Skinny Fit - Slim Fit - Modern Fit - Regular Fit


 Luxury Tailored Tuxedo Rentals & Sales

Don't drive yourself crazy looking for a better tuxedo. We promise not to waste your time with typical tuxedo costumes found everywhere, We carry nothing but the best of the current tuxedo styles and have the most desirable selection of tailored tuxedos in the industry! We also offer fitted  luxury tuxedo rentals and exclusive tuxedo styles that will surely satisfy any taste. We understand  special events require a special transformation of displaying yourself proudly in the most elite way . Tuxedos are all about quality...   

Come experience tuxedos differently. Join us, it's our passion.

You'll never have to worry with us. Put your trust in our high standards and a flawless reputation for almost three decades. We don't make mistakes because we can't afford to! Weddings and special events are much to important and the backbone of our business. All wedding parties are always handled by the owners or an experienced person of ten + years or more to ensure the best quality experience possible! We prove our commitment to excellence on every tuxedo that goes out our doors everyday.

Forget those old loose fit cheap looking tuxedos you see everywhere

In a Tuxedo,,, your playing a role and your expected to look your best ! Our fitted luxury tuxedos will enhance your appearance while boosting your confidence and transforming you to feeling like a celebrity...


Our Slim Fit Tuxedos Come In: Jet Black, Black, Black Houndstooth, Pure White, Charcoal, Medium Grey, Light Grey, Platinum, Diamond White, Ivory, Navy Blue, Black & Blue Check, Slate Blue ,Tan ,and any new color introduced commercially. Come try one on! 

 Reserve your tux and get ready to look like a star, don't wait until the hottest most popular choices are gone! We match any color after she buys the dress to coordinate

  Big or small, Everyone looks better in a more tailored tuxedo. Show up feeling great about yourself and knowing you look impressive.

We carry exclusive slim fit styles you will never find anywhere else! Almost all rental tuxedo stores and all large men's chain stores simply don't carry the types of tuxedos we carry! Sure, they may have one or two new styles to show you, but as a whole, they promote old tuxedos with all kinds of incentives. Most "Free Groom" deals are no more than making use of older tuxedos, we simply don't offer those older tuxedos. We offer a whole store full of brand new tuxedo styles along with exclusive styles only found here! Our showroom offers only the newest and most fashionable tuxedoes in the industry! We want you to feel elegant, fashionable, and impeccable in your tuxedo the way it was intended to look and the way it should make you feel. If you're in a tuxedo, you should look elite, and never dated.

It's not just a tuxedo, It's a life style!

Our tuxedos are carefully selected for a  better fit and also better fabrics that feel more luxurious and a look that cannot be ignored .

The Bow Tie Is Back !

           kelli          David Tutera          Oscar            Joe

           kelli          David Tutera          Oscar            Joe

 Exclusively in Connecticut at OSCAR'S 


 Winning "best of" awards   

Many stores win awards for " Best Of "  but with every publication giving out the same award , We can't thrive on that. We easily prove our commitment to our customers by providing the best place to rent tuxedos. We simply offer in stock the newest selection found anywhere in Connecticut every year! This is not what we do on the side, This is what we do better than any other. We are 100 percent committed to tuxedos 365 days a year!  Our top pick collection of tuxedos is the best found anywhere. We also have luxury tuxedos with exclusive styles and and patterns. when it comes to tuxedos, OSCAR'S TUX has no match.


 Our passion shows on every tuxedo we do.

No books and catalogs just a selection of the best looking tuxedos anywhere!


Our customers step out looking like celebrities 



 We stock ALLURE MEN  right here in all colors. Come try one on!

slate allure

A tuxedo represents a person dressed their very best ! You can't replace it with anything else and you should look forward to the opportunity to treat yourself to the great feeling and luster of high society for those special times. 

Our featured Tuxedos 

 Breathtaking complete 2015 tuxedo packages starting at just $ 169.00 To the most elite at $239.00 Including Everything!

 The current tuxedo packages include all tuxedo related items and promotions applied. A free grooms tuxedo may apply on some promotional styles only. Some restrictions do apply must see store for full details. 

Our Budget Tuxedos

"Red Carpet Special" On our select regular fit styles now just! $159.00 complete 

5 Regular Fit Tuxedos in 5 colors Black White Ivory Grey and Pinstripe In our Budget line.

Simple Painless Worry Free and Reasonably Affordable!



 Visit us often as we are always excited to announce the new upcoming additions to our Tuxedo Rental Collection for the coming year With our many years of experience combined with the absolute latest Tuxedo fashion . Oscar's is recognized as the leader in the ever changing formal attire arena and always the top choice in the Greater Hartford Area and beyond.

Big or Small, Oscar's can fit them all.   Classic American Fit, Modern Fit, & Slim Fit skinny fit

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