We serve as a model for all tuxedo rental operations offering real quality choices for today's formal celebrations. Our commitment to excellence has always made us the clear choice when it really matters. We offer the newest most complete modern day tuxedo rental store in Connecticut or anywhere that we know of. The quality of the tuxedos we offer is years ahead of what's typically found in larger mens big box stores and much newer selection than found in all local family owned stores. This is not our side business, this is what we try to do better than any other tuxedo rental business.

OSCARS TUX Luxury Tuxedo Rentals for weddings

When you come to Oscars Tux, Most of your worries pertaining to typical tuxedo rentals are gone, We have been renting and selling tuxedos since 1987 . It's alwaysowner run and operated. We are only a two store operation but don't let that fool you because our focus has always been to be the best at what we do, What we do, is rent the highest quality tuxedos anywhere guaranteed.

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