Caution : A store that offers no description or very vague description of the tuxedos they feature.

Notice: You won’t find much of a description on any or many of the tuxedo images on a local competitors web-site. They deliberately keep out specific details that would expose the high end facade they create. It’s all aftermarket knockoffs of inferior quality sold as high quality.

stores that rent a custom fit tuxedo scam,

If the tuxedo rentals look a little too trendy or something doesn’t add up, don’t ignore your instincts. Stores are usually promoting the older tuxedos they alter to no end. They hide their fat jacket sleeves by tucking them back so you can’t see them. They try selling you on the custom rental, the problem is that they start off with either something older altered or a cheap product that’s produced of inferior polyester blended fabrics of unknown generic labels. When you’re wearing knockoffs. trust us, It will usually need work just to get it to fit normal on most people. It’s just not custom or high quality. It’s more of a marketing scam and a waste of time for the less fortunate people that don’t know any better.

  • A High quality custom tuxedos sell for over twelve hundred to start, but usually much more like 2k+.

Stores stock a couple of sizes to look professional , But it’s going to be ordered, we promise.

All you get is excuses and not solutions when stores don’t have your tux size. Stores don’t have them there, they order from a middleman.But dealing with a middle man will not guarantee you its quality or the reliability of getting exactly what you ordered. It’s very well known that Middlemen that rent tuxedos to stores often improvise when other stores don’t return on time. You may get the closest to what it should be and not exactly what you want. It’s when you pick up, you’ll have to settle, there is no other choice! unless maybe you run here, like many others have had to in the past. Our selection is so great that entire wedding parties that got botched at other places have used our tuxedo services last minute with no problems what so ever.

OSCARS offers quality rentals that cost too much to buy.

In order to offer real value to our customers, We don’t offer any tuxedos that are very trendy or too common and found all over the internet cheaply like many of our competitors. We offer tuxedos selected for high quality and a in the latest fashion but with more exclusiveness so you really look special. Tuxedos that cost a small fortune to buy. OSCARS TUX is the only store in Connecticut offering all new current high quality slim fit styles all in-stock and ready for action!

An informed customer is our best customer!