OSCARS TUX, Offers the highest quality tuxedo rentals anywhere, After 30 years or reputation is flawless, Our completion focuses on advertising in paces that offer awards for doing so, We are all about substance and not show and no go. OSCARS TUX carries the newest selection of tuxedos and we guarantee a flawless transaction with 100% owner run and operate. We strive to be the best in the business and we are very confident saying there is no tuxedo store in the north east anywhere that can touch our selection. We focus on being the best of the best. Come experience tuxedo rentals like nobody's business.


OSCARS TUX Luxury Tuxedo Rentals for weddings

When you come to Oscars Tux, Most of your worries pertaining to typical tuxedo rentals are gone, We have been renting and selling tuxedos since 1987 . It's alwaysowner run and operated. We are only a two store operation but don't let that fool you because our focus has always been to be the best at what we do, What we do, is rent the highest quality tuxedos anywhere guaranteed.

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